Liza Wong of Elite Skin Care featured by NewBeauty - 5 Genius Skin-Care Tips You've Never Heard of - Until Now

5 Genius Skin-Care Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

(Until Now)

Think you’re totally versed about all things anti-aging related when it comes to your skin-care routine? Think again. These “out-of-the-box” tips from Liza Wong, master aesthetician and founder of Elite Skin Care facial spa in San Mateo, CA, will surprise even the most in-the-know beauty enthusiasts. And, best of all, they are all incredibly simple to do.

Pour a Glass Of Water Before Bed

Sure, you know that drinking water is essential to healthy-looking skin but did you know that pouring one more glass at night and leaving it to sit on your night stand (you don’t actually drink it) will help keep your face hydrated at night? Wong says a humidifier has the same effect, as both help minimize dry skin, which can cause fine lines.

Cool It Down

You might already do this but did you know why it works? When washing your face, Wong says it’s best to use cold water for final rinsing, as it will help tone the skin and tighten the pores.

Don’t Thin Your Skin

You may not even realize you are doing it, but, according to Wong, scrubbing you face daily or overexfoliating can cause irritation to the skin. And that goes way beyond just making it red for a minute—it can cause much bigger issues. “When the skin layer is too thin, it becomes sensitive and can’t tolerate active anti-wrinkle ingredients. It may also subject the skin to more chances of sun damage.”

Watch Your Washcloth

If you use a washcloth, go for cotton. You can also opt for a gentle brush that removes dirt but doesn't cause excessive irritation to the skin.

Fix Your Frowning

This may sound like an old wives’ tale but Wong says excessive facial expressions, such as frowning, really cause wrinkles, due to repetitive movement in the same area.