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Valmont Biologique Recherche Elite Skin Care
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Revival Cream
Elite Skin Care DNA Repair Revival Cream™

Repair and revive the Telomares DNA structure to slow down the aging process at the cellular level.

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Revival Cream
Elite Skin Care Wrinkle Eliminator Serum™

Wrinkle Eliminator Serum™ is the latest innovation for the reduction of wrinkles. The serum boosts your injection and relax your wrinkles and getting your skin into producing more collagen with the powerful, cutting edge peptide active ingredients.

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Experience the finest in skin care.  Lumilift supreme facial with microderma infusion.  Learn more.

Welcome to Elite Skin Care! Owner and Master Esthetician Liza Wong custom-designed this beauty sancturary and set the gold standard for women to indulge in the ultimate facial experience in pure comfort, privacy and luxury. All services are performed in a tastefully-appointed setting.

Every facial is a work of art - where the esthetician becomes a symphony composer. Creating a masterpiece involves key elements - skills and level of experience, the selection of fine products, usage of advanced instruments, mood and ambiance - are all necessary for perfect harmony. When synchronized with passion and mastery, the facial transcends the ordinary and becomes a truly creative expression.

Our facial treatments deliver unsurpassed results for clients experiencing acne, sun damage or sagging skin. They leave transformed with clear, radiant, vibrant, more youthful complexions. The Elite Skin Care clientele includes female executives, socialites, and skincare connoisseurs who seek the highest quality treatments and products. Commitment to excellent is our forte.

Liza is known for her caring personality, attentive manner, sense of humor, and most important her magical touch. She possesses a wealth of skin care knowledge and has curated an amazing array of highly effective products to treat a wide range of skin care needs and conditions. She personally attends to questions by phone or email..

We invite you to explore Elite Skin Care today.

"Simply the best facial treatment in the Bay Area. I drove to San Mateo from San Jose and it was well worth the commute. Liza Wong has magical, healing hands that soothe the skin and revive the spirit..."

Karri S., San jose, CA