Valmont Water Falls
Valmont Water Falls

Price: $75.00

Product Code: BR00015-V27

WATER FALLS This cleansing spring water is ideal for sensitive skins using little makeup, offering fresh, quick and simple cleansing. 125 ml WATER FALLS

When it is fine and fragile, the skin can develop diffuse redness and feel uncomfortable. Cleansing must then be done with great care. With WATER FALLS, the skin regains freshness and purity in a single gesture.

Aloe Vera, Allentoin and Cornflower are combined in an extra-gentle formula to : cleanse light makeup, soothe and relieve sensitive skins, create a pleasant feeling of freshness at any time of day.

How to use : Evenings, apply on the entire face and neck area with plenty of product on a soft tissue. There is no need to rinse off. Repeat as often as necessary.