Valmont Summer of Joy Mask Set
Valmont Summer of Joy Mask Set

Price: $150.00

Product Code: V255

Valmont Summer of Joy Mask Set

Masks to keep your skin look perfect all summer long

Oxygenate, Purify, Hydrate, Boost radiance and Enhance glow

10 Piece Set Includes:

2 x Deto2x Packs, each 034 oz
2 x Purifying Packs, each 0.17 oz
2 x Moisturizing with a Maks, each 0.17 oz
2 x Prime Renewing Packs, each 0.17 oz
2 x LumiMasks, each 0.17 oz

Deto2x Pack is a foamy bubble mask that eliminates urban pollution from the skin's surface and enriches skin cells with a boost of oxygen for a fresh looking complexion.

The Purifying Pack is a cleansing and purifying mask that absorbs impurities and improves the skin's texture leaving the complexion feeling perfectly clean, soft and refreshed.

The Moisturizing with a Mask that works wonders to strengthen hydration retention and rebalance the skin lipids leaving the skin plumped, supple and comfortable.

The Prime Renewing Pack is a replenishing cream mask that can be used as a daily balancing mask, a progressive regulating cream or an occasional express makeover mask.

The LumiMask is a velvety, 2 in 1 cream that acts as a face peel and replenishing mask to refine the skin texture and give the complexion a baby smooth glow from the first application.