Valmont Purifying Pack
Valmont Purifying Pack

Price: $145.00

Product Code: BR00019-V28

PURIFYING PACK This purifying mask profoundly cleanses and purifies the skin without drying it, revealing a radiant complexion. 50 ml PURIFYING PACK

When the skin tends to shine and is prone to blemishes, PURIFYING PACK offers deep purification and soft balancing action.

This purifying mask combines absorbent mineral agents, Hawthorn and Bisabolol to : gently regulate the production of sebum, absorb the impurities that dull the skin surface, cleanse, soothe and soften the epidermis.

How to use : Preferably in the evening, apply a thick layer on a clean and slightly wet skin, carefully avoiding the eye contour. Leave for 20 minutes, remove with soft tissue and rinse off with lukewarm water. Depending on skin needs, treat the entire face or only the middle zone.