Valmont Prime B-Cellular
Valmont Prime B-Cellular

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Valmont Prime B - Celluar 30ml
Serum superconcentre revitalisant
All skin types
For women looking for a serum which protects the skin from cutaneous aging.
Prime B-Cellular is a repairing and restructuring serum, with an even softer and more emollient texture.
Its formula enriched in Cellular Prime Complex brings to the skin all the necessary elements to revitalize it and efficiently protect it from cutaneous aging. This super concentrated serum featuring an even softer and more penetrating texture instantly softens and smoothes out the epidermis. It stimulates the process of celllular renewal and maintains the skin's elasticity and suppleness.
  • Fluid serum which complements and enhances the effectiveness of the treatment creams.
  • A very comprehensive formula which helps maintain the skin's vital functions (protection, hydration and regeneration).
  • Helps protect the fundamental qualities of youthful, healthy looking skin: tone, suppleness and elasticity.
  • Significantly and visibly improves skin texture, smoothing the skin's micro-profile.
Directions for use:
Mornings and evenings
Apply a few drops over the whole face and neck areas.
Active ingredients:
  • Tripe DNA: helps maintain and stimulate the skin's vital function
  • RNA in liposomes: powerful celluar bio-activator. Provide the skin with essential fatty acids to compensate for the metabolism of fats which becomes deficient over time.
  • Peptides + Cocktail: Peptides from synthesis origin: offer an anti-wrinkle action similar to retinoic acid (Vitamin A Acid). Plant extracts: microcirculation activating extracts. They potentialize the activity of the peptides.