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Valmont is combining its exclusive, advanced wrinkle-fighting weapon with three anti-aging ingredients (triple DNA, Liposomed RNA and anti-MMP) and creating the Prime AWF (Anti Wrinkle Factor) complex, the heart of its new Prime AWF anti-wrinkle skin care line.
With seven products targeting all levels of wrinkle development.
  • Triple DNA provides the energy elements critical for the skin's vitality and cell regeneration.
  • Liposomed RNA allows the AWF complex to transport to the depths of the skin for cell activating and DNA powers to multiply.
  • Anti-MMP complex derived from Shitake for its battle against wrinkles and loss of firmness.
  • The Prime AWF cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides reduces wrinkles and firms the skin. With this cocktail, collagen synthesis increases and the dermis regains density.
At age 30, the first mecano-elastic wrinkles appear: they are directly linked to repeated facial expressions and the thinning of the epidermis. Solution: Valmont Expression Line Reducer Factor I
Around age 40, the dermal-epidermal junction flattens and the upper dermis loses density, leading to the development of chrono-biological wrinkles. Solution: Valmont Firming Lifting Corrector Factor II
Beginning at age 50, menopause and decreasing estrogen levels affect the structures deep inside the skin. The reticular dermis atrophies and the skin loses its density and support. Many deep hormonal-structural wrinkles developed.
Solution: Valmont Dermo Structuring Master Factor III
Valmont Polyfactor Repair Serum is a wrinkle and fine line fundamental serum. It is ideal as a foundation for any cream of the Prime AWF range. This new serum revitalizes and smoothes all types of skins.
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Valmont Expression Line Reducer Factor I Valmont Expression Line Reducer  Eye Factor I Valmont Firming Lifting Corrector Factor II
Valmont Firming Lifting Corrector Eye Factor II Valmont Dermo Structuring Master Factor III Valmont Dermo Structuring Master Eye Factor III