Valmont Face Scrub
Valmont Face Scrub

Price: $85.00

Product Code: BR00018-V02

This exfoliating revitalizing face scrub cream, specially formulated to act gently, is adapted to all types of skins, even the most sensitive ones. 50 ml

Dead cells and impurities accumulate on the skin surface. Face Scrub acts to reveal a clear skin and optimizes the effectiveness of other skin care, particularly intensive skin care.

Face Scrub contains fine particles of dispersed Algae Diatoma combined in a hydrating and soothing emulsion to: gently remove impurities and dead cells, stimulate cellular renewal, prepare for skin care by activating peripheral microcirculation. Avoid the eye contour.

How to use : Once to three times weekly, in the evening, apply a small quantity on perfectly clean skin. Massage in circular motions, insisting on areas with impurities and avoiding the eye contour. Rinse with lukewarm water. For sensitive skins, proceed likewise but on wet skin. Do not use on skin suffering from acne or couperose (redness resulting from broken capillaries).