Valmont Body 24 Hour 100 ml
Valmont Body 24 Hour 100 ml

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Valmont Body 24 Hour 100 ml

ANTI-AGING BODY CREAM - The iconic Prime 24 Hour adapted to the body

The one and only Body 24 Hour Cream offers intense hydration that lasts for 24 hours.

A fresh and silky cream that provides the skin with intense moisture for immediate softness and comfort.

Its gorgeous textures melds into the skin in an instant leaving it charges in anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients.

A newfound sensation of freshness and smoothness that soothes discomfort and tautness.

Blended with cutting-edge ingredients, Body 24 Hour penetrates in the blink of an eye without any sticky feeling and infuses its action throughout the day with a delicate scents.

The daily fundamental formula which curves, hydrates and nourishes in no time.


DNA: This star anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients maintain skin's essential functions
K-moist: An energy source which stimulates hydric exchanges
Soothing & moisturizing agent: They quench and lock-in water in the epidermis