Nature by Valmont Cleansing Gel
Nature by Valmont Cleansing Gel

Price: $65.00

Product Code: BR00060-V50

CLEANSING WITH A GEL This phyto-alpine facial cleanser is refreshing and indispensable, ideal to awaken sensitive and dehydrated skins. 4.22 oz CLEANSING WITH A GEL

For dehydrated skins that enjoy fresh sensations, CLEANSING WITH A GEL brings fresh cleansing and leaves the skin feeling soft and toned.

Formulated with a gentle cleansing agent, it contains Green Tea and Ginseng extracts to:

eliminate impurities and makeup while respecting the natural balance of the skin,

soften and protect the epidermis,

create a pleasant sensation of pure freshness.

How to use : Mornings and evenings, gently dab with fingertips on wet face and neck, in circular motions. Rinse off with plenty of lukewarm water.