Guinot Clean Logic Revitalising Lotion
Guinot Clean Logic Revitalising Lotion

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Product Code: R217

Guinot Clean Logic Revitalising Lotion 6.8 oz

Guinot newest innovation - unique cleansing skin care specifically formulated with anti-aging properties suited to fragile skin

The Revitalising Care Lotion Eliminates dead skin cells, revitalises and smooth the skin.

Completes make-up removal

Eliminates dead skin cells that build up with age. Helps accelerate cell renewal and maximizes the effectiveness of other subsequently applied treatment products

Revitalises and tones the face - Trace elements

Reinfores the acid mantle - Jojoba Oil

The unique texture has an opalescent white color and feels as comfortable as a treatment cream.

Completes make up reoval

Papain - reinvigorates the skin due to a gentle exfoliating effect.

Instruction for use

Use a cotton pad, apply to the entire face to revitalise and rejuvenate. Avoid the eye area.