Guinot Age Logic Creme
Guinot Age Logic Creme

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Age Logic Creme - Intelligent Cell Renewal Cream 1.6 oz

The first skin care product actually capable of deprogramming the aging process. This revolutionary treatment stimulates inactive skin cells giving them renewed energy.

In addition to the potent biological complex found in the best-known Guinot anti-aging moisturizers, Age Logic Cellulaire contains - for the first time ever - ATP, the basic life-giving molecule that releases the energy essential to cells' vital functions. ATP combined with "Actinergie" boosts cells's consumption of oxygen.

The effects of the anit-aging active ingredients coupled with the energizing actions of ATP, act intelligently to target the "logic" of cellular aging.

The cells' vital functions are spectacularly well revived, skin regains firmness and a youthful glow and wrinkles are visibly smoothed.

Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire Rejuvenating Cream. Restores youth and life to skin suffering from cellular lethargy. The 1st treatment that helps fight cellular aging.

The combination of cellular energy which helps reactivate older skin cells that have become lethargic or dormant over time. Target for all mature and or tired skin.

Results is that the skin is firmed, smoothed and has a healthy glow.

Key Ingredients include ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which stores and delivers the energy needed for cell's vital functions and Oxynergin (bacteria filtrate) which helps support cellular oxygenation via the mitochondria thus stimulating their natural processes.

Age Logic Cellulaire solves the problem of free radicals, compensating for the lack of natural defenses in the older cell by supplying vitamin C and E, antioxidants that combat oxidative stress.

Age Logic Cellulaire, rich in anti-glycation agents, protects the skin from the loss of elasticity and firmness associated with the natural aging process.

Age Logic Cellulaire stimulates cellular metabolism and boosts cell renewal thanks to the Cellular Life Concentrate and Sepitonic.

Directions for use: After thoroughly cleansing the face, apply morning and evening.