Guinot Acti-Rides Flash Wrinkle Eraser System
Guinot Acti-Rides Flash Wrinkle Eraser System

Price: $66.00

Product Code: BR00458-R123

Guinot Acti-Rides Flash Wrinkle Eraser System 0.20 fl oz. 6ml

Acti Serum Visage Face Serum

Introducing the most innovative wrinkle reducing system in the market, Guinot Acti-Rides Flash fills in wrinkles and restores density resulting in a more beautiful and youthful appearance.

Fills wrinkles from the inside to smooth skin on the surface.

Provides in-depth density by compacting the skin elastic fibres and reinforcing flexibility.

The Acti-Rides Flash formula includes Hyaluronic Acid which improves cutaneous suppleness and restores moisture.

Dynalift forms a firming and enveloping layer over the skin surface for a lifting effect.

In only 2 minutes, wrinkles are minimized making the Acti-Rides Flash the ideal rejuvenating systems for clients that want a quick fix.


Remove the cap of the pen to uncover the dermo balls.

Hold the pen vertically (dermo - balls pointed downward) and push on the button at the other end to fill the balls with serum.

Place the dermo-balls at the end of the wrinkle and using small circular movements to smooth the wrinkle.

Use morning and evening under your regular care cream.

For deep wrinkels, repeat the applicatin regularly for eight days.

The pen can also be used during the day for quick touch ups. Repeated and regular use of the serum enables optimal rejuvenationg results.

Apply Acti-Rides Flash directly on the wrinkles around the eyes, nasal-labial folds, forehead and neck in circular movements.

The dermo-spheres glide over the skin while applying and penetrating the active ingredients.

For optimal results, the Acti-Rides Flash should be used on a regular basis.

The Acti-Rides Flash has a pen-like shape for easy application.