Biologique Recherche Preparation U.V.
Biologique Recherche Preparation U.V.

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Biologique Recherche Preparation U.V.1.7 oz

Preparation U.V. is one of the 3 products from the Biologique Recherche Sun Care Range (Preparation U.V., Protection U.V. and Reparation U.V.).

Whether on the slopes, at the beach or on the street, your skin is exposed to the sun's dangerous rays. Now Biologique Recherche has the solution to prepare, protect and repair the skin before, during and after sun! Introducing: The Biologique Recherche Triple Shield Sun Care Range.

Made from natural, non-chemical ingredients, the three step process readies your skin for the sun, keeps it safe from harmful UVA, UVB & Infrared rays. Sun exposure also stimulates the formation of free radicals, DNA changes and skin aging. Free radicals are considered to be one of the causes of tissue aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Preparation U.V. is a formulation that stimulates your skin to tan naturally and prepares it for sun exposure.

For all skin types that will be exposed to strong UV and infrared rays.

Preparation U.V. is rich in natural and plat-based active ingredients. It helps prevent the appearance of pigmented spots and slows skin aging.

- Prepares skin for sun expposure

- Promotes natural tanning without suffering the harmful effects of solar rays

- Prevents pigmented spots


Apply in the morning and evening on the entire face, neck and decollete approximately one month before exposure to sun. Massage gently until the product is fully absorbed. This product is not a sun screen.