Biologique Recherche ISO-Creme Placenta
Biologique Recherche ISO-Creme Placenta

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Product Code: BR00557-B101

Biologique Recherche ISO-Creme Placenta 1.7 oz

Biologique Recherche has reformulated the Creme Placenta with Creme ISO-Placenta.

Reinforcing the regenerating action of Creme Placenta to a combination of new active ingredients including biomimetic placenta.

Providing the skin with all the nutrients needed by stimulating human placenta properties.

This intense cream activates cell regeneration to rebuild the epidermis damaged by acne.

This cream contains bio-mimicking placenta polypeptides.

Reduces the traces left by acne

Smooths the skin's microrelief

Reduces redness caused by acne

Repairs, regenerates and revitalizes the skin

Unifies and brighten the complexion