Biologique Recherche Creme Anti-C
Biologique Recherche Creme Anti-C

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Biologique Recherche Creme Anti-C 6.8 oz - New!
Repairing Cream for Cellulite
A Body-Contouring cream formulated to reduce the cutaneous signs of cellulite and the appearance of "Orange-Peel" skin.
This highly concentrated formula's blend of lipolytic active ingredients Caffeine Extract and Cedar Essential Oils; repairing and firming active ingredient Blacky Crowberry Juice; ciculatory active ingredients Ivy and Birch Bark Extracts; and exfoliating active ingredient Salicylic Acid work in synery on the adipocytes and on the connective tissues to target and treat the causes and consequences of cellulate.
The result is more toned and firmed skin.
  • Slight exfoliation optimizing the diffusion of active ingredients and improving the quality of the stratum corneum
  • Reduction in the cutaneous signs of cellulite and in the appearnce of orange peel skin
  • Lipolytic action with a slimming effect
  • Activation of microcirculation
  • Improved firmness
  • Reduced sensation of pain at pinching

Note: Avoid contact with eyes and do not use on pregnant women