Since 1981, Liza has gained widespread recognition for her innovative approach to result based, individualized skin care programs. Though trained in world-renowned facilities throughout Europe, she continues her training through conferences and conventions around the world. Her tried and true philosophy is to make sure the latest technologies and procedures are both safe and effective. Her clients include many elite professionals; including female executives, doctors and attorneys who recognize and expect Liza’s quality and professionalism.

Background highlights:

  • Bachelor's degree in Economics, Toronto, Canada
  • Aestheticienne Diploma, International Therapy Exam Council, England, 1981
  • Advanced Esthetics Beauty Therapy Diploma, Toronto, Canada, 1981
  • Trained in world famous Baden-Baden, Germany
  • Advanced training, Lausanne, Switzerland

Liza has many distinctive qualities that have drawn her clients from all over the Bay Area, some as far as Los Angeles, to visit her on a regular basis. Some of these qualities include her dedication and undivided attention to each client, one client at a time. She maintains a relaxed atmosphere where clients always feel valued and are never rushed. She is able to build and maintain a relationship of trust with her clients; who, in turn, value her for her integrity and sincerity. She is personable, caring, positive and cheerful.